Is Seth Godin Marketing the Only Marketing Left?

Author: Helene Edelgarde | Date: June 24, 2022 | Campaign Stage:

When it comes to the field, we ought to start with the immense contribution of Seth Godin to the industry. Back in 2015, he struck with a bold statement about our industry.

Why is it so challenging to implement Seth Godin's famous marketing mantra?

Indeed, selling can be many things, evolving around trends, but it is all about creating value for customers at its core. And quality lies with creative material.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the value you bring to your customers. What's interesting for them? What do they care about? How can you help them to solve their daily issues?

If you have been trading for a couple of years, you already have all the answers. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, dealing with clients is your daily bread.

Too many companies over-communicate themselves, and people's attention drops fast. If you want to create a blue ocean for yourself, you better start sharing something different than your competitors. Everybody says they have the best products, everyone believes in excellence, and most of us are sick of straightforward good old propaganda.

But don't give up! Some specificities make the company unique, whether the history, the board, or even employee testimony align with your audience.

It is the science or the art to address what matters for your customers in the context they purchase your product or even outside of the frame of your brand.

Seth Godin's marketing statement urges us to consider the production of texts, videos, and images as the single undermining factor of leverage. Traditional methods are outdated, and brands have to find new creative ways to connect with their public. Instead of pushing repetitive publications, pulling and caring is the single answer to overcome any marketer block.

Is everyone using Seth Godin's Marketing Mantra?

Since 2015, most companies have known about Seth Godin and others' contributions to the industry. So, why are not all companies doing it? The simple answer is because it's hard. Not complicated, as the concept is entirely understood, and it's difficult as it requires a specific set of skills and time to set up.

Doing something and talking about it are two different jobs. Usually, the more skilled the expert, the harder it gets to take a sufficient distance. Doing and sharing are two other skills that often need to be addressed by different individuals.

Most enterprises have it right initially, and they are pretty skillful in setting up their company missions and values. For many, the values align with the company founder, and this person or group of persons profoundly influences the organization's DNA.

However, in the long run, creating is left behind. We tend to focus on the short-term results, and producing material isn't part of the quick gain package. This is the first reason why not everyone is applying Seth Godin's marketing vision and why it can give your affairs a comparative advantage doing so.

Inbound versus Outbound

Adding value to a brand by producing materials is nothing new, and it has been called before inbound approaches.

It is a slow and time-consuming process. It is gratifying but takes time to see results. The main difficulty is to unleash your empathy. Best marketers are those who can fully connect with the audience they represent.

Inbound approaches teach, help, interact with users. It uses brains power and lasts the test of time. When outbound methods focus on selling, they harness budgets and interrupt. They are fast; the impact can be high but stops as soon as the money stops flowing.

"It is simply using content to connect with potential buyers and partners. Content marketing is not only different from advertising, and it's the opposite of it, and it's pull versus push."- Andy Crestodina.

The essence of doing business is bringing value. How do I give weight to the community around me? And does not limit this value to the company's clients, products, and services but the humankind. In many ways, it is the responsibility of a company to care for its employees, clients and impact local communities. Most companies already do it.

As a Business, Should I act as a Media?

In the future, firms will act more like media…

What does that mean?

A trading body is not a media such as a newspaper or adopts a neutral position. The mission of traditional media is clear, different, and it is a full-time job. When you are in business, you do not have the time or the position to replace the traditional media streams. However, you can orient your communication to be more open toward a media model without becoming one.

Choose your battles

It is worth it to look inward and connect with your company values. There is the reason people are doing affairs with you, why customers buy from you and not another brand, and why graduates and experts choose your company for their careers. Yes, it is essential.

If you want to create qualitative non-boring output for your audience, I advise you to pick your battles. If you are a clothing brand, you cannot ignore the sustainability aspect of your products and ought to address them within your brand and, therefore, your communication. Your clothing brand could take a strong position toward sustainability backed up with actions and supporting events, charity projects, etc. You now have material to communicate within your space while not being boring and pushy about yourself.

Do not jump on every trend and choose wisely. If sustainability is not relevant for your business, it could be empowering citizens such as local communities within your area if you are a local firm.

Seth Godin Marketing Vision – Is that enough to make it?

Yes, Seth Godin's Marketing Statement is right.

Content is the source and the beginning of everything for a brand, and without it, there is nothing you can advertise or communicate to prospects. Implementing Seth Godin's marketing recommendations requires a brand to think like a media. Additionally, people ask for more about the core values, the company mission, and the products or services it offers. In other words, nobody will follow you or engage with your brand anymore if the only thing you are doing online is bragging about yourself. Everyone is doing the same thing; every single firm is the best in its field, has the highest quality of service, etc.

If you don't produce something that will interest your audience, there is very little communication agency or specialist can do for you to rise above the crowd. The now and future of communication have little to do with outbound technic, and sales methods should be reinvented to lean toward inbound. Individuals are overwhelmed.

But, promotion is still a key factor to success.

While qualitative outputs are the base of everything, and you couldn't get anything working out without it, qualitative material isn't enough to make your brand visible.

"The best content doesn't win. The best-promoted content wins." - Andy Crestodina.

The competition is enormous. Everyone and anyone can create and publish online. We all have a voice that can be heard, and part of this is fantastic, but it makes it more difficult to be visible in the crowd. Yes, a qualitative message is the starting point, and without it, nothing happens.

The promotion quality will make a difference in the long run. When comparing two similar topics' performances, it's the quality of the promotion that makes the piece noticed:

"An OK piece of content with brilliant promotion will outperform brilliant content with just OK promotion." Andy Crestodina.

Everything is possible with the proper strategy

Seth Godin's marketing mantra still makes a lot of sense, but it is challenging to implement and requires a proper strategy.

The subject matter is the core of everything when building authority for yourself, your brand, or your firm in any field.

However, I have countless examples of brilliant creators. These professionals are experts who barely succeed in getting visible or even driving sales because they don't get their promotion right. They produce quality work within their organization or even contribute to raising the level of their field online in forums, groups, and so on. Most help others daily, but they get little visibility for all their efforts. All of this is to be attributed to a lack of publicity.

These experts, often self-employed or within their trade, understand the importance of building authority for themselves because promotion drives sales.

Creating communication materials is an art that can be magnified with the right creators, and promotion is the spark that makes the magic happens.

Author Bio:
Helene is the founder of Ohma Digital, a Marketing Agency and co-founder of the Black Hat, a community about tattoos. Helene is passionate about Marketing and Business. She lives between Dublin, in Ireland, and in Nice, in France.

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