Campaign Stage: Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a strategy that involves creating content in various mediums (written, video, audio, etc) in order to attract an audience.

Is Seth Godin Marketing the Only Marketing Left?

When it comes to the field, we ought to start with the immense contribution of Seth Godin to the industry. Back in 2015, he struck with a bold statement about our industry. Why is it so challenging to implement Seth Godin's famous marketing mantra? Indeed, selling can be many things, evolving around trends, but it […]
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Content Strategy: 4 Easy Steps to Implement

 Time is money. Grow your business in no time using these four content strategy tips! Content marketing takes a lot of time and mobilizes resources (either yours or your company's), often with an unpredictable and slow dynamic of return on investment. And yet, everyone agrees that developing a stable business flow is essential.  Find out […]
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Is Your Content Getting the Attention It Deserves?

Publishing content week after week, month after month is difficult. It takes a lot of commitment and effort. Whether you are blogging, recording videos, podcasting, or some other medium, it all takes time and energy. If you’re spending a significant amount of time producing content, you want to make sure it’s getting the attention it […]
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