The Open Source Marketing Project helps businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations all over the world by providing the best marketing intelligence available anywhere, free for all to access.

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The Open Source Marketing Core System

This system is the central asset of Open Source Marketing, and comprises strategy & campaign design.

1: Strategy

2: Campaign Design & Delivery

Download the full core system

  • You'll receive the entire core system as a PDF ebook + workbook.
  • Use it as a convenient reference guide. 
  • Workbook is fillable, so you can save your progress.
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Why Open Source Marketing?

  • Nobody can keep up with all the developments in marketing, so to develop a comprehensive guide to marketing means we will need to involve everybody.
  • Good marketing is critical to businesses and organizations all over the world, and we believe everyone should have access to the best marketing intelligence, regardless of ability to pay (so we’ve made it totally free).
  • By making our models and methods transparent and available freely to everyone, we can all work together to improve our models and methods continually over time.
  • The position we’ve taken is that all recorded information should be free.

Usage & Rights

  • Everyone is welcome to pick up any of the OSM systems, and apply them for their own cause, or for clients, free-of-charge.

  • You may use OSM for profit (including in professional marketing for clients, or for training others) but you may not sell the information itself. Please refer to the Creative Commons license for more details.

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