Campaign Stage: Strategy

Small Business Marketing Requires Progress, Not Perfection

I work with many small business owners, and a common mistake I notice is the desire for perfection before moving forward. Often, a business owner will delay starting a campaign or launching a website because it's not "perfect" yet. We all want to put our best foot forward, but sometimes perfectionism is a procrastination tactic […]
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Why Specificity Should Be Your New Best Friend

If you're marketing a small business, specificity should be your biggest priority. You don't have the time or budget to reach every person on Earth. When you narrow your focus, you'll reach the right people and make the biggest impact. Specificity applies to all areas of the Open Source Marketing System. Start with Strategy first. […]
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9 of the Best Marketing Books for Small Business Owners

There is an overwhelming amount of marketing information online for small business owners. Sometimes it can be hard to know who to trust. Outlined below are 9 of my top favorite marketing books that are practical for small business owners. They cover everything from strategy to tactics, and the mindset that is needed to market […]
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5 Ways to Use Leverage in Marketing Your Small Business

Leverage: to use something that you already have in order to achieve something new or better.  Marketing a small business can be really tough. Most of the time you feel like you're pushing a rock uphill. That's why it's important to find leverage wherever you can. Doing more with the resources you already have means […]
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The Difference Between Your Marketing Failing and Succeeding

The central element to all of your marketing is your message. This is the main point or idea you are trying to convey to your audience. This message can make or break your marketing efforts. What is your core message? Your message can be summed up in two parts: who you serve and what value you provide. […]
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Remove the Stress From Marketing Your Business in 3 Steps

You should be blogging. You should be on TikTok. You should be Tweeting. You should be making videos. You should be connecting with prospects on Linkedin. You should be running Facebook ads. You should be doing this and that… Sound familiar? Does it make your stress levels rise? It’s OK. Take a breath. Online marketing opens […]
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Why Your Homepage Is Turning Away Leads & How to Fix It

Getting people to your homepage is only half of the battle. What do visitors see when they get there? Many factors contribute to whether a visitor will immediately leave your site or stay and engage with you. In this post we’ll cover a few ways to make sure your visitors stick around. While reading this […]
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Marketing Lessons Small Business Owners Can Learn From Large Companies

As a small business owner, marketing might not be a top priority. Between all of your other tasks and taking care of your customers, marketing often gets put on the back-burner. It’s one of those things on your list that you know you need to do, but it never seems like there’s enough time. Although […]
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