Why Specificity Should Be Your New Best Friend

Author: Cassi Lowe | Date: May 6, 2022 | Campaign Stage:

If you're marketing a small business, specificity should be your biggest priority. You don't have the time or budget to reach every person on Earth. When you narrow your focus, you'll reach the right people and make the biggest impact.

Specificity applies to all areas of the Open Source Marketing System. Start with Strategy first. This will help you nail down the details about your brand, offer, audience, and message. Once you have your strategy in place, you can move on to implementation. We'll go through each of the high level Campaign areas below, and how specificity applies to each one.


The goal of Outreach is to spread your message. You're reaching out to people in a non-direct way. This allows new people to discover your business. When your message is specific, it will draw in your ideal audience. You can do this through many different techniques, such as blogging, YouTube, podcasting, guest posting, SEO, and more.

Even though you're broadcasting your message to anyone who will listen, try to keep in mind the exact type of person you want to reach. Pretend you are talking directly to that person and you will catch their attention.


Specificity in the Target stage is essential. In this stage, you'll be targeting specific types of people through advertising. If you are clear on your ideal customer, you'll be able to target them easily. You can use demographics like age, gender, location, education, etc. and also psychographics like values, beliefs, or aspirations.

Using very narrow targeting means you'll reach the right people, and also spend less in advertising. You won't waste money advertising to people who aren't ideal customers.


In order to capture a prospect's contact information, you need to offer something of value in exchange. A generic, broad offer such as "Join Our Mailing List" doesn't offer enough specific value to convert many prospects. Consider your audience's demographics and psychographics from the previous stage. What can you offer that would directly appeal to them?

Create a resource or small offer that helps them solve an immediate problem or desire. The more specific the solution you can offer, the better it will perform in capturing more leads.


Nurturing your prospects after you've captured their information is all about building trust. It's easy to build trust with people when you know exactly who you're talking to and what problem you're solving for them. Your prospects will feel so much more connected to you if they feel heard and understood.


Closing the sale means you've done a good job in attracting the right people, understanding their problem, conveying the right solution, and getting them to take action. If your product is confusing, or if it's difficult to purchase, you'll lose sales, even if you got everything else right.

Use techniques such as user interface testing and A/B split testing to find the smoothest path for your customers to make a purchase. Closing the sale can happen in many different forms, whether it's e-commerce shopping or buying over the phone. Whichever sales method you choose, make the process as easy and straightforward as possible.


Marketing doesn't end after the sale. How can you encourage repeat purchases or referrals? Provide easy, specific ways for people to share your message with their friends. This might be a loyalty program or a referral bonus. Give people instructions on what to do next. They would probably love to spread the word, but they don't have the tools to do it.

Author Bio:
Cassi Lowe is a marketing strategy consultant based in Indianapolis, IN. She's the main curator for the Open Source Marketing Project. She has over 15 years of experience in the web design & marketing field.

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