Pre-Sell (Lead Magnets / Ethical Bribes)

Author: Ben Hunt | Date: May 14, 2015 | Campaign Stage:

It generally makes a great deal of sense to capture each prospect's contact information, because that means we own a channel that we can use to continue the conversation with them. This is usually email, but may also be social media, telephone, or even physical mail.

There are other good reasons why so many marketers try to give away free information in return for contact details (often called "lead magnets" or "ethical bribes"). In OSM, we refer to these giveaways as "pre-sell" material.

I believe that the main benefit is that the material you give out can actually do most of the tasks required to make a sale, but outside the context of selling.

Any giveaway, whether a free book, ebook, video series, webinar, or trial, can educate your prospect on what they need to know, i.e.

  1. The problem, its consequences and costs.
  2. Why it's important to solve the problem, and how much better life could be once you do.
  3. Why alternative solutions to solving the problem are unsatisfactory or inappropriate.
  4. All the evidence why your solution is better.
  5. Proof that it's working for other people and delivering the promised results.
  6. And reinforcing how achievable and accessible that solution is for them.

Think about it; your "pre-sell" can meet your prospect on their path and lead them along, gently and easily, to the point where they can be convinced and ready to buy, without their feeling sold to! That's the power of pre-sell!

The best format for a pre-sell depends on the context. There is no one-size-fits-all.

  • For example, some things can be demonstrated visually, which would make video the ideal format, whereas others just can't.
  • Sometimes you can achieve the next step with just a little information, which could be effectively communicated in a short video or email series. Other times there is a big shift of thinking that needs to happen, and you may need to deliver a whole book or a multi-day course.
  • How many questions or objections is your prospect likely to have? Perhaps a live webinar, teleseminar, or a one-to-one coaching call might be appropriate.

The ideal pre-sell is probably a demo or trial, because there's no better way to prove how something works than to let the prospect experience it for themselves.

Check out these two powerful presentations, which came from my "Breakthrough" program in March-April 2015.

1) "A to B": The Science of Lead Magnets (16 minutes)

This short presentation breaks down why "Pre-Sell" offers work so well.

“A to B” is a simple but powerful structure for helping you to think about the structure for your lead magnets (or “ethical bribes”).

It builds on the “Perfect Topic” headline structure, providing a series of components (“stepping stones”) to help your prospects know the value in your initial offer.

2) The Flow Chart and The Magic Pre-Sell (24 minutes)

As we’ve worked through the capture and nurture phases of a campaign, it has become apparent that the “pre-sell” (a.k.a. “lead magnet” or “ethical bribe”) can deliver a LOT more than simply getting a prospect’s contact info.

This 24-minute presentation explains the realisation of the magic of the pre-sell.
Author Bio:
Ben Hunt has over 20 years' experience in web design and marketing, and has written numerous books, courses, and presented at seminars round the world. In 2010 Ben created the world's most complete web design course, and in 2015 founded Open Source Marketing.

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