Email Opt-in Mechanisms

You have a variety of options for collecting email opt-in on a website or landing/squeeze page.

It is important to recognize that obtaining an opt-in is an important conversion event, which means you should take care to craft the offer so that it is sufficiently appealing to your prospects.

The general rule is to offer a positive trade, i.e. offer your visitor or prospect something that they perceive as being worth more to them than the perceived cost of sharing their contact information.

Sometimes, that will require offering a product or service of value (what's known as an ethical bribe). Sometimes, the opportunity of being kept updated will be enough, provided you promise enough future value to merit the trade.

Here we'll share the most effective mechanisms we have found for capturing email contact info.

All mailing list management systems (e.g. AWeber, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, etc.) will give you default forms that you can publish on your site for collecting registrations. However, these are generally not the most effective, as they will usually sit static on the page.

If you are offering something of value, and you are confident that you are making an appealing offer, it makes sense to deliver the call to action to sign up in a way that reflects that value, and your confidence.

It is preferable to employ a mechanism that presents your call to action in a dynamic way, using copy, graphics, and movement to attract the visitor's attention and powerfully deliver your message.

WordPress: Thrive Leads

If your site is built on WordPress, the very best opt-in mechanism we have found is the Thrive Leads plugin, which offers a variety of powerful features via a simply interface. Features include…

  • A choice of visual mechanisms: lightbox pop-ups, ribbons, footers, and slide-ins.
  • A range of attractive default themes.
  • Super-easy editing using Thrive's powerful visual editor.
  • And simple integration with any email management service.
  • Built-in split-testing (really powerful).
  • A range of options for triggering the offer (e.g. time on page, scrolling, exit intent, etc.)
  • Option to set how frequently you would like the offer to re-appear if closed by the visitor.
  • Easy control over where on your WordPress site you would like the opt-ins to appear.

Landing Page Builders

There are several landing page building platforms on the market, ranging from more specific landing page functionality to fully-featured funnel management. We have used the following with success…

  1. LeadPages (easy to use, and easy to publish either hosted, standalone or via WordPress).
  2. ClickFunnels (a more complete, and more expensive, funnel management service).

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