Does Your Online Course or Program Include a Full Set of Irresistible BONUSES to Truly Present a Winning Offer?

Author: Beth Kunkle | Date: June 10, 2022 | Campaign Stage:

Digital creators often get caught in this familiar trap…

➡️ They focus solely on perfecting their signature material.

➡️ They think they can just throw some bonuses together at the end.

➡️ They underestimate the importance of stellar bonuses to maximize conversion.

You NEED program bonuses...not just arbitrary ones slapped together in a rush, but strategic ones created with thought and intention.

Your “product” is different from your “offer”

An offer is a combination of different products, including your signature program + extra free gifts you provide to sweeten the deal when people sign up.

These extra “goodies” allow you to crush objections that may arise around your program.

Key difference - your product solves 1 problem, your offer solves multiple problems.

Bonuses are powerful because…

  • People love free stuff.
  • People like to feel like they got a good deal.
  • They provide extra incentive for them to sign up today!

Offering valuable bonuses is one strategy that helps your program convert at a higher rate!

Purpose Of Bonuses

Bonuses can be used to add “answers” to reasons people may say they aren’t ready to buy.

Typical Objections

  1. “Now’s not the right time.”
  2. “That’s a lot more money than I expected to pay.”
  3. “That makes sense, but it won’t work for me.”

Be sure to choose bonuses related to your program. If they are not related, they may confuse or overwhelm your customer. Here’s some things to consider:

  • Provide the first step - are there any prerequisites that would help them before they dive into your main product?
  • Provide the next step - after completing your program, what is the next step the customer needs to take? Beyond learning your core content, what could help them take the next step towards success?
  • Customer experience is critical - what types of resources, tools, or complimentary training would support your client’s learning, and results when in your program? What can be offered as a bonus to enhance the learning experience?

NOTE: Core content should never be considered as a bonus, if it is an essential part of the course/program modules.

Bonus Types

Once you’ve determined your bonus content, be sure to vary your bonus bundle to reach all types of users.

In addition to the ideas listed above, consider offering urgency bonuses. These are for action takers. They are time limited and encourage people to act quickly.

Another option is scarcity bonuses. While urgency bonuses are time limited, scarcity bonuses are limited in quantity, such as limited spots in a program, or a 1-1 coaching call.

A plot twist or surprise bonus is an extra something special that can add some excitement into the launch.

Bonus Containers

With your online course or program, you will be serving a diverse audience. It is critical to address different learning styles, and provide a menu of different ways to consume the content.

Here are some different content packages to consider. Aim to include bonuses from different categories:

  • Digital guides (ebooks, PDFs, workbooks)
  • Courses (mini-course, challenge, tutorials)
  • Containers (membership, summit, mastermind)
  • Connection, high touch (coaching, event, group)
  • Digital assets (Trello boards, swipe files, checklists)
  • Interactive, give result (calculator, assessments)

Add in a mix of text, audio + video to ensure you build a valuable offer that is uniquely your own!

Top Tips For Determining Bonus Value

Emphasize what a great deal your free bonuses are, by giving them a dollar value that you will include in the offer stack on your sales page.

As a general rule of thumb, aim for at least 3 juicy bonuses, with a max of 6. Bonuses should be exclusive, and not available outside of the course or program, or you would have to pay for them.

When pricing, the goal is to present the value of your offer as approximately 10 times the price. The bonuses are included in this total amount.

Don’t go overboard and say that a cheat sheet or swipe file is worth $5,000. Try to give an honest assessment of what the bonuses are worth. Price them based on what you could realistically sell the item for standalone.

The most common price point for bonuses is under $100. Aim for between $27 and $47 on the lower end, while a more meaty bonus could be priced at $97.

Create Your Irresistible Offer

When it comes to running an online business, knowing how to increase your sales revenue is as important as creating program content. I hope this article sparked some boss bonus ideas for your genius program!

Author Bio:
Beth Kunkle is a Funnel Gorgeous Certified Master Marketer. Using Trello With A Twist, she creates custom-designed templates & systems, as well as program resources + bonuses for digital creators. To dive deeper, download Beth’s FREE Bonus Brainstorm Guidebook here: It will help you plan valuable + relevant bonuses to include in your offer!

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