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18th February 2015

I created this short course, “Facebook Marketing Made Easy” in 2014, and it is still highly relevant.

The course is aimed at marketers (of all experience levels) who wish to offer Facebook Organic marketing to clients, but its content will be extremely helpful to anyone who wants to understand when Facebook organic marketing is most appropriate — and how to do it right.

I define Facebook Organic marketing as managing a client’s Facebook posts. It should also include boosting posts, and you may also extend to pay-per-click ads (although FB PPC is strictly a different channel).

When to Use Facebook Organic?

A lot of businesses and brands have jumped on social media, thinking “We must have a social strategy!” when really there’s no strategy at all. Social media is one of the most commonly misunderstood and misused channels.

Don’t miss the first video below, which explains the criteria for a business that’s perfect for Facebook organic, but the short answer is…

Consider Facebook Organic IF your target market would appreciate hearing from you frequently.

So, Facebook may be good for you if…

  • You have frequently-changing offers or availability
  • You have a frequent turnover of stock
  • Or you generate content that’s fun, quirky, or interesting.

The course comprises four videos (2 hours 20 minutes in total).

Video #1: Essentials (47 mins)

The essentials of Facebook organic marketing, including how to identify which businesses can thrive using the platform.

Video #2: Five Case Studies (61 mins)

These five real-world case studies give you real examples of which businesses thrive best on the Facebook organic platform.

Video #3: Delivery (64 mins)

This video reveals how to manage an on-going Facebook organic marketing campaign, including what and when to post.

Video #4: Understanding EdgeRank (29 mins)

This bonus video reveals how Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm works, and how to make it work for you to boost your clients’ reach.

Download the Cheat Sheet

Print this out and keep it handy until you master the Facebook organic method. Cheat Sheet PDF

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Ben Hunt

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