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There are so many common marketing techniques (including channels, platforms, and tools) available today, how are you supposed to know which may be appropriate for your campaign?

Open-Source Marketing aims to provide a comprehensive library of all marketing techniques, together with handy guidance on when to use them (in the Campaign Design phase), and how to use them most effectively (in Campaign Delivery and Live Operation).

Because no one person, or group of people, can possibly master every tool that’s available to us, where possible the OSM team will interview practitioners who have real practical experience in each technique.

Expect the lists below to grow (a lot) over the coming weeks and months!

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Zalia Frosler

I stumbled across this site in my search for some reference material on the topic of marketing to introduce to some young folks interested in the world of media. I love the simplicity of the site and the tools. Can’t wait to show them. thanks much appreciated

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