Short Circuit Test

If you’re ever evaluating a Circuit questionnaire, a business plan, a pay-per-click ad, or even an email, try this super-quick test.

In just seven questions, you can know with confidence that you have a campaign ready to take to market.

If you can answer a question succinctly and with clarity, you have a green light.

All green lights — you’re good to go to market! If you don’t have all green lights, stop and fix it before you proceed.

The Short Circuit Questions


  • Why will people feel part of this brand?
  • What is the brand’s promise?

Product / Service

  • What uniquely makes this product/service the perfect solution for your target customer?


  • What do you promise to do for customers that no competitor can?
  • Why will people choose this solution?


  • Why will people be motivated to take action to address this problem?


  • Do we know exactly who our ideal customer is, and where we can find them?

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