Marketing Strategy Course

Video #1: Introduction (63 minutes)

Video #2: Strategic Objectives (82 minutes)

Video #3: Validation (69 minutes)

Video #4: Upgrade (75 minutes)

Video #5: Campaign Design / Outreach & Targeting (92 minutes)

Video #6: Get Attention & Outreach/Target (68 minutes)

Video #7: Nurture > Close (73 minutes)

Video #8: Action! (71 minutes)

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Great intro to the course Ben. Agree completely, i’ve wasted a lot of time when I don’t have a strategy… My latest software app, just launched, it took 2 weeks to build, and I sold it to a new client (a .edu by the way) for $18,000 monthly. I did nothing else for two weeks. Had a meeting with their VP, signed them up. My strategy was build it to fit them, and sell it to them. I don’t even have an official website for it yet. Keep the great videos coming.

    Ben Hunt

    Awesome story, Bryan. Thanks for the feedback.



Having gone back to uni, and then 18 months into online learning as I go and implementing my own bizarre 5 year strategy, I have found the most frustrating thing is that none of the information about selling products online even vaguely fits into selling art

In the end I have decided that all the information about selling online would only work for selling ‘information about selling online’

I think you have pointed out the problem very succinctly – every business and situation is unique in time and place – all strategies need to be unique to encompass it

I am very on board with what you say- having created a series of giant wall calendars with ‘ultimate goal’ down through to daily prioritised micromanagement (apparently it is the cure for addictive procrastination)

I have been toying with creating the strategic calendars as a product (because they work so well- )- they are broad and open so they can encompass any strategy –

but …as my my goal online is to sell art……I have a sneaky feeling this is just procrastination

    Tracy Bradley

    Hi Mandy – the principles of marketing and selling, though, do apply. What kind of art do you sell? Who do you sell it to? Why might people want to buy it? What type of person (or organization… doctors offices, corporations, small companies, coffee shops, non-profits, restaurants, municipalities etc buy art) do you think your art appeals to? How could you get it in front of those people? In how many formats… postcards, on items like mugs, etc? (Is it your art you’re selling, or other people’s?)


Thank you, Ben! This video is inspiring. I am too slow in launching my new personal project (life science translation services) and after your video, I will do a few next steps in line with the hedgehog strategy. Even if I know hedgehogs are helpless against vehicles on modern highways while rabbits are not.

    Ben Hunt

    Excellent 🙂 And yes, hedgehogs have evolved well to cope with their natural predators, they need some time to evolve to cars (unless, more likely, the human race will extinguish itself first).


Great second video Ben, and great book recommendations as well – borrowed 3 of them from the library over my phone as I watched!

I’ve resisted niche-ing myself for some time, and this was a good reminder to just bloody do it. I need to refine my ‘who’ a bit more, but I have a pretty good idea on who I want to help, and why. What I need to remember is that I can always pivot later – I’m not putting anything in stone and can always change if I need to change. I guess I have a fear of commitment 😉

    Ben Hunt

    Ha, yes, you’re totally speaking for me as well. I’m challenging myself in this process to be bold and niche what I do.


Hi Ben,

I just wanted to say that I think these videos, as with other materials I have seen that you provide, are excellent. Thanks for offering them, I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us.

Well done you.

    Ben Hunt

    Thank you Adrian.



Amanda Brooks

Fantastic set of videos.

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