Circuit Review

The Circuit Review is a critical step where we evaluate the information gathered in the Circuit Interview, and establish what changes could be made (now, when it is easiest and most cost-effective) prior to planning or rolling out a campaign.

Overview of the Circuit Review (20 minutes)


View / Print the Circuit Review Questions Document

I maintain the Circuit Review as an online document using Google Docs.

Note: You will need to be logged in to Google if you want to make a copy of the document.

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This is excellent stuff, Ben. Thanks.

I’m wondering how this can be applied (or if it can) to local businesses. I work mainly with bricks & mortar types – building sites, refining messaging, SEO, etc. Is it inappropriate to think of a new local website as a “campaign” or can the same principles be applied?


    Ben Hunt

    Hi Aaron. Great question. Yes, it can absolutely be applied to a local brick & mortar business.

    Every business has the same challenge, whether online or offline or a combination of both… How do we find new customers, engage them, make the sale, keep them happy etc.?

    So I think you’ll find the Circuit helps you to identify what’s stronger or weaker in anyone’s marketing position/proposition/environment. The same 5 core elements always apply.

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