Get Involved

Here’s how you can be part of Open Source Marketing.

  1. Contribute your knowledge about a particular technique.
  2. Become one of our expert partners.
  3. Add some marketing education materials.

Contribute knowledge about a particular technique

If you have useful practical experience in a marketing technique, we’d love to share what you have learned with the world, in order to help other people know when and how they should use the technique in their own campaigns. Please get in touch via the contact form.

Become one of our expert partners

If you love Open Source Marketing, and would like to contribute regularly to the project and offer your services to clients as one of our consultants, please contact us for more details.

Add some marketing education materials

Do you have a course or book that you would like to offer the world for free, as part of the Open Source Marketing initiative? Contact us with details.

We will review your material, which must be high-quality and genuinely free, with no information held back for upsells. If successful, we will publish your material on this site under a similar Creative Commons license to the rest of the site content.


Need Help?

Our expert team is here to provide the support you need.

Whether you just want an hour's guidance, or a whole project designed and managed, we offer affordable expert support when you need it.

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