About Open Source Marketing

Ben Hunt OSMOpen Source Marketing is a project founded by entrepreneur Ben Hunt. Open Source Marketing aims to apply the principles of open-source development to a radical new subject — the marketing process.

The aim of the project is to help businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations all over the world to survive — or to thrive — by providing the best marketing intelligence available anywhere, free for all to access. The project is not being actively carried forward right now as Ben is currently working full-time for OnlineVisas.com.

Why Open Source Marketing?

  • Nobody can keep up with all the developments in marketing, so to develop a comprehensive guide to marketing means we will need to involve everybody.
  • Good marketing is critical to businesses and organizations all over the world, and we believe everyone should have access to the best marketing intelligence, regardless of ability to pay (so we’ve made it totally free).
  • By making our models and methods transparent and available freely to everyone, we can all work together to improve our models and methods continually over time.
  • The position we’ve taken is that all recorded information should be free.

Open Source Marketing currently comprises three main open-source systems (see below for details)…

  • OSM Core (our central marketing approach, which comprises various models and processes).
  • OSM Professional Training (for people who wish to use OSM to help their clients).
  • OSM Client Service System (a radical new approach to delivering professional marketing campaigns for clients).

Usage & Rights

Everyone is welcome to pick up any of the OSM systems below, and apply them for their own cause, or for clients, free-of-charge.

You may use OSM for profit (including in professional marketing for clients, or for training others) but you may not sell the information itself. Please refer to the Creative Commons license for more details.

1. OSM Core

This system is the central asset of Open Source Marketing, and comprises…

If you want to apply Open Source Marketing for your own business or cause, the OSM Core system is all you need (i.e. DIY market).

2. OSM Client Service System

One of the goals of Open Source Marketing is to give clients a better, fairer alternative to the traditional agency service model.

To this end, we are also working on a radical client service system, which has three aims…

  • To boost clients’ trust in professional marketing .
  • To share risk more fairly.
  • While delivering long-term win-win benefits for clients and professionals.

The key to the OSM Client Service System will be a radically different approach to collaboration and compensation, using revenue-share models instead of fee structures where the client takes all the risk.

See the Client System overview.

Need Help?

Our expert team is here to provide the support you need.

Whether you just want an hour's guidance, or a whole project designed and managed, we offer affordable expert support when you need it.

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Fay Kelley

Thank you for posting this information! Much appreciate it!

    Ben Hunt

    You’re very welcome Fay.


I have just read your books, 50 Web Design Secrets, How To Be Rich today and Web Design is Dead.
These are so valuable to anyone to wants to take a step out of the normal routine of the normal 9 to 5 job to job life, and build a real home business providing Internet services.
They are also a refreshing change from all that Guru stuff that litters the web and blinds us with fireworks and glitter.
Thank you Ben for sharing some of you inner thoughts and wisdom, as well as proving a solid platform from which one can build their own business model with solid foundations. I will be a student and hopefully contributor to the Opensource marketing project because I truly believe this business, -Internet technology – is a runaway monster, ever evolving and eating alive those that do not have plan and a willing to keep up with it.

    Ben Hunt

    Thank you Charles, I really appreciate your comments. Glad you’ve got value from my books.


Hi Ben, my son is hoping to start a web design business. (he is late 20s) he has always designed websites for his band and others He has really looked into this and intends to continue with his job until hopefully this takes off. He also wants to design sites for businesses. He has some great ideas about marketing but would like to learn more. Do you have a suggestion for a good book? which one of yours do you suggest ????

    Ben Hunt

    Hi Anna. Convert is the one I’d start with, although you can get Save the Pixel for free too (benhunt.com/books/).

Rohit Gohil

Hello Ben,
I am rohit gohil and want to start my career in web designing. so is it good for me to go to the web designing?
and would be market good in future ? so i can grow up with web designing for the future perspective…
what to learn to become a master web designer???

    Ben Hunt

    Hi Rohit. The first step is to read “Web Design is Dead”, which you get free when you join my mailing list (http://benhunt.com/books/).

Abu bakar

hi Bent Hunt
i wanna become web developer .
so how much time is require to become a web developer?
i can give 4 hours every day.

    Ben Hunt

    That’s a good amount of time, Abu. You’ll need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript (JQuery), and then a server-side language like PHP. If you stick at it, you will do it.

frank lee

I’ve been a marketer, creative director and copywriter for 40 years with international ad agencies such as Lintas, BAM SSB, Kobs & Draft and multinational corporations like IBM and 3Com. I’ve written books on direct marketing and test marketing. Do I have anything to learn from what you’re doing? Damn right, I do! And I’m actually excited at learning and implementing something radically new. Thank you for what you’re doing.

    Ben Hunt

    Great to hear from you Frank, and thank you for your support. There is a lot more to follow, so please make sure you’re on my mailing list (benhunt.com/books is a good place to sign up).


HI ben i read your books its really help me to grow as a great personallity in business plzhelp me how me can be a web designer i can give daily 7 hours to this

    Ben Hunt

    Hi. I’m no longer in the web design training business, but keep following Web Design from Scratch, as there will be more coming on there soon.

Nicolás Rey

Ben Hi
I read your book “the web design is dead”, and I must say that it’s awesome. I work in Colombia and this process of change is delayed here, but I agree with you that it’s coming to fast even here too. I based my work on a similar basis of marketing strategy but intuitively. I’m really happy that this approach has a framework like you propose. I hope I can send you some personal thoughts in the future, and why not even some input.

But to begin with it, I would like to ask you a question without ignoring the timeless meaning of your work. Have you foreseen how it would change the model, if the base of the current interfaces based on PC and mobile disappeared for a more immersive and wearable ?. Would not those new basic skills return to a new golden age? Would not the trend be cyclical?

    Ben Hunt

    Great question. But I see mobile/app design now as far more mature than web development was in the early days. Today, all app developers use one toolkit or development environment or other, using mature SDKs and libraries, there’s very little starting from first principles. So I don’t think we’ll see a return to the situation where the only way to build for a particular medium is to do everything from scratch.


Hi Ben,

I don´t know very well how to say it. In fact I´ve spent several weeks just thinking how to tell you this.

The true is your websites have transformed my vision about marketing and business, especially Opensourcemarketing.org and Ultimatewebdesign.com and your books How to be the Number 1, How To Be Rich Today and Convert!.

Before I reached you I was lost, but now I understand the basics I know what really matters I what it is secondary.

Thanks a lot!

    Ben Hunt

    Thanks Jose, your words mean a lot to me. Very happy to be able to serve you in this way.

Mahdi Samim

Hi Mr.Hunt,
Thanks for your book and sharing your experience.I read your book, It was really informative and interesting, I learned lots of precious things and I really appreciate your work. I am a student of Computer Science and it is my third year.I have developed many websites for companies and for my college.I am very interested in web designing and web technology.

I have lots of ideas and wanna do something great! Actually, I have planned to lead a team and work on a social media website like Facebook or Instagram, but it will be completely different.I know, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax, PHP and Mysql.Do you think they are sufficient for creating a social media website or I should add something more. I am looking for your suggestions and recommendation.

Thanks a lot,

    Ben Hunt

    Hi Mahdi. You can create pretty much whatever you want with those skills, but to set up a successful social media site/app would take a lot more than technical ability. It could be a good personal project to practice your skills, but extremely unlikely to be commercially successful.


I am really appreciating your courses

Thanks for helping and inspiring young people like me on starting their own business

Muhammad Yasir

Hi Sir , I am learner of Marketing Management, i have watched your video lectures related to Marketing Strategy, they are very helpful for deep understanding of subject. Many Thanks to you..
Please, let me know where from i got text / written notes of your lecture , please guide me or sent it on my email ID.

jason brown

Only read briefly, but loving it already.

Understand the need to step back to focus on other projects, and welcome the upfront accountability – saying so right there in the 2nd para is rare transparency.

Software wizards are still key to translating informal knowledge e.g. sports club volunteers activity into technical data. IT sections may sneer at yet more gui nonsense. But most people I see using computers hesitate to install anything. Online wizards way more intuitive?

Step-by-step guides giving examples next best!

Look forward to reading and learning more, as soon as I stop faffin’ about trying to get my head around Linux !


I just read all the comments and am really grateful to see so many people bless by what you are doing. It is very inspiring to someone like me …

I have a different idea for a market / audience that I think exists but not sure how to test whether this hypothesis is true without having any money to use for it and without divulging something that would allow someone with money to step on me / my idea again. Do you have any guidance on how to test about a market and an audience whether it is there and worth pursuing?

Thanks in advance for any insight.


Mrudul Nekkanti

Hi Ben,

Your content is amazing and is indeed very helpful. Could you please help me out with a marketing agency for marketing my Open source project which my organisation intends to give it out to enterprises?


Thank you for sharing such amazing information, it helped me a lot. I hope this will help many others too. It would be so helpful if you keep sharing these types of pieces of information.

    Ben Hunt

    That is our plan for 2021, so please watch this space.


Very interesting read, keep up the good work.

    Ben Hunt

    Many thanks!

Aaron Crewe

Hi Ben, what a brilliant and unique approach!

    Ben Hunt

    Thank you. We’re actually looking at rebooting OSM for 2021, so watch out for some exciting updates.

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